Our Mission

OBE Power was founded in 2016 with the mission of curtailing climate change by increasing access to conveniently located, accessible and affordable EV charging solutions for EV drivers where they live, work, play and learn.

Since then, we’ve saved over 2,000 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) from transportation. A future without sustainable mobility is limited — so why not start exploring the endless sustainable practices now? 

Our Values

OBE Power’s foundation is built on five key values:

Purpose with Passion: We believe that we’re the ambassadors of our vision. We do everything with heart, share authentic passion for the future ahead, and rally people along the journey.

Sustainability: We strive to build a sustainable, resilient business model while embracing the fast-changing, fast-growing nature of our industry.

Integrity: We celebrate the building blocks of trust, character, and determination. Integrity is key to our long-term relationships with clients, employees, the community, and stakeholders.

Growth: We understand that meaningful impact comes with flawless execution. We plan beyond the short-term wins, bring structure and methods for scale, and push for excellence in everything we do.

Innovation: We break paradigms to achieve real transformation. We invent the future of all aspects of our business, constantly iterating to improve and to innovate.

About Our Keystone Initiative:
aFLoat  Program

Embedded in the foundation of OBE Power is the aFLoat (Preserving Florida One Connection at a Time) program, designed to reduce transportation-related GHG emissions and prevent the devastating effects of rising sea levels in Florida’s coastal cities. While we continue to dedicate ourselves to our original initiative in Florida, we’re excited to expand our impact to all affected metro-areas nationwide. 

The aFLoat program and its future growth serve two purposes: 

Encourage the elimination of GHG emissions from transportation by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. We want to slow the rise of sea levels, which leads to destructive consequences for coastal cities in Florida and other coastal states.

Facilitate the implementation of much-needed EV charging infrastructure with innovative financial incentives for qualified hosts, such as the EV Charging- as-a-Service program.. We want to remove barriers that often puzzle property owners and managers and guide them towards scalable solutions.

Every time we activate a new charging port for our partners, we increase the impact of the aFLoat program. 

Our Team

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